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The Gardener's
Phone Pak



Never rush for a ringing phone again! An essential product for

anyone who needs to have the phone and other items convenient. Carry a water bottle, phone, a small garden tool in the plastic-lined pocket and always have those keys handly. Comes complete with its own adjustable web belt (28" - 39"). Light-weight poly duct material is machine washable/lay flat to dry.


 Great Garden Tools
     for creating a
   beautiful garden. 



High quality garden tools are

efficient and a joy to use. Care for them properly by wiping them clean after use and storing in a dry place and the extra money you spend with outlast those of lesser quality. Treat yourself to something special!



7 Pocket Garden

Apron. Comfortalbe design

Wide Scoop Shovel to move more soil with each scoop.

Japanese drop forged steel with

handwood handle



Sickle for smooth

precision cuts.

Spring - Summer
Fall - Winter